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Metalogalva LLC is a powerful unit of the Portuguese Metalogalva company and one of Ukraine’s leaders. We are one of the major Ukrainian industrial enterprises producing high-quality lighting poles. You can look closer at our product range and place an order in the “Catalog” section.

We apply advanced technology and use high-quality materials to manufacture our lighting structures of any complexity.

Apart from that, our clients get to enjoy:

  • a fast and efficient production process;
  • warranty and post-warranty service;
  • transportation service;
  • compliance with international standards.

Every time you choose Metalogalva LLC, you choose quality and reliability.

Would you like to have a closer look at our product range?

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Lighting poles. Metal lighting poles from the manufacturer.

Metalogalva Ukraine was founded in association with Metalogalva Porto (established in 1971). Our production facilities take up to 200 m2; the interior pavilion of 60.44 m2 is fitted with advanced high-precision equipment. The company employs 85 people, due to whose hard work our annual turnover has been steadily high for years.

In 2015, Metalogalva Porto expanded the market and set up an industrial production site in Ukraine in partnership with a resident company. The local co-founder has extensive experience in the field, which allows the company to introduce the accumulated technology to manufacture high-quality lighting poles. The manufacturing premises are conveniently located in the center of Ukraine providing additional advantages and a wide network of trading routes. All our products are issued with required accompanying documentation such as quality certificates and DSTU and GOST standards compliance certificates.

We offer you a wide range of lighting post models:

  • non-bearing park posts;
  • lampposts;
  • power posts for self-supporting insulated wires (SIP);
  • with brackets, for outdoor lighting device installation at a given height;
  • high mast lighting poles;
  • with post caps for various purposes, including spotlight installation;
  • with fixtures for solar panels that turn solar energy into electricity, storing it in battery packs, to use it at night. (Please note that we do not supply solar batteries and panels but only the fixtures.)

Our production facilities allow us to execute individual custom projects and provide our clients with detailed blueprints and product layouts. At the final production stage, metal poles are galvanized using modern equipment in order to increase their anticorrosive properties.

Lighting poles – construction features and application

Lighting poles made from galvanized steel are used almost everywhere. You can see these posts of various sizes and models along central highways, on busy city streets, in cozy parks and city gardens, on private premises, town squares, parking lots, stations, and other public and industrial sites.

Lighting posts are produced using the latest innovational technology of hot dip galvanizing using Z0 zinc. The post is immersed into a hot melt tank with added lead, aluminum, and nickel. As a result of metal diffusion, the steel is covered with a protective layer of alloy (50-80 mcm) that provides high mechanical durability and protection from corrosion even in the event of top-layer damage. Apart from that, the poles are electrochemically protected. The height of posts ranges from 3 to 12 meters depending on their purpose.

Today, street lighting poles are made from enforced steel and bent profiles. Such constructions can withstand a heavier load of lighting devices and SIP wires.

Our lighting poles have a number of advantages:

  • the lighting pole frame is made from light metal;
  • long service life (the 60 mcm coating guarantees at least 30 years of service);
  • guaranteed operational safety;
  • a wide range of modern designs;
  • various types of cable grooming and foundation installation;
  • reasonable price.

Our galvanized lighting poles of high-mast size comply with all global standards. We strictly adhere to the regulations regarding the correlation of mechanical, static, and dynamic loads to the mast height, as well as the lighting equipment weight, and take into account the material’s technological features.

Production of Metalogalva lighting poles

To manufacture our products we have chosen the best S235 grade steel (PE-EN 100025: 1990) which is capable of bearing a load of 245 MPa (25 kgf/mm2). After hot dip galvanizing, the posts can serve their purpose for up to 50 years. To guarantee their stability, metal galvanized poles are installed on flanges of insert plates embedded into foundations.

The Metalogalva manufacturing facilities produce the poles from solid steel sheets of 3-12 meters in size. Poles higher than 12 meters are assembled from two construction details that are connected telescopically, i.e. the top segment is mounted on the bottom one. Next, the light source is installed on single or double carriers, top beams of support posts, or post caps.

Metalogalva produces the following types of lighting posts:

  1. Octagonal lighting posts. The stiffener angles of these faceted posts make them highly durable and strong. They are the best choice for highways since they are capable of withstanding a collision with vehicles without damaging them or drivers too much.
  2. The posts are manufactured from solid bent steel sheets of the following types: ASO60 OSL / OSH (3 мм) і ASO62 OSH (4 мм);

Для СІП:

Posts for SIP:

  • ASN-A medium;
  • ASS-B anchor poles;
  • ASV-C anchor angle poles.

For the installation into foundation blocks, the construction may be supplemented with additional elements such as service hatches and lock bolts.

  1. Round lighting posts. The stylish exterior of this galvanized post makes it a great choice for urban environments and localization along city roads, sidewalks, and within housing estates or gated residence areas, parks, gardens, and other sites. Peg-shaped poles of circular section are made from solid СS235 steel sheets (3 and 4 mm) which are fully operational within the temperature range from -50° to + 50° С. The post diameter at the top is standard – 60 mm. These poles can be used for various street lights and metal constructions including advertising structures. The bottom part contains a service hatch for cable maintenance. The post has either a round or square base plate which is mounted on an anchor base and encased with concrete. 

  2. Spotlight steel masts are meant for installation at strategically important sites, which is why they must comply with the strictest safety regulations. These are the best choice for sports arenas, airports, mining and construction sites, industrial zones, and extraction areas. The model is designed to provide extra durability. Each project is executed to take into account all the possible loads, including wind. It is also possible to select the necessary height and number of lighting frames. Standard steel used for these lighting masts is 4 mm thick; the mast is a polygonal regular cone and consists of two segments. The top and bottom segments are connected telescopically. The pole can be equipped with additional hatches (1 or 2) for circuit-breaker panels. The masts are installed with the help of anchors taking into account local geological parameters and load rates.
  3. Traffic light poles. These poles are either round or conical and installed on a base; they have a special small hatch that provides access to the cables and internal systems of the device. The traffic light console is attached to the top part. Should it be necessary, the poles can be manufactured with mast arm poles of the necessary height so that the lights are immediately above the roadway and do not interfere with traffic in any way.

Our design department will execute precise calculations of the expected workload, which is why all our products are highly durable and enjoy long service life. Rest assured that our poles will serve you for decades without replacement.

Advantages of cooperation with Metalogalva

Metalogalva Ukraine employs advanced technology in lighting pole production. We make lighting poles of any complexity and use only high-quality materials. Apart from that, our clients are guaranteed:

  • fast and efficient production of the poles;
  • low prices;
  • guarantee and post-guarantee service;
  • transportation;
  • compliance with international standards.

Metalogalva is constantly working on the extension of its product range and the improvement of production processes. For this reason, all our products are of extremely high quality and will serve you for the longest time possible.

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