Outside flagpole

Outside flagpoles, which are a very common sight on the streets these days, are used to hoist flags with national and corporate symbols. A nicely designed flagpole with a beautifully flying flag adds aesthetic appeal to the space and emphasizes the social interest and involvement of the company using it.

Outside flagpoles and their purpose

Stationary flagpoles are meant to be installed outside, in the streets, and on buildings. As a rule, these are governmental institutions, shopping centers, hotels, car salons, office buildings, and stadiums. They are widely used to hoist flags with national symbols in order to highlight the territorial affiliation, for example, at the entry points to a country at its state border.

There are also portable flagpoles, which are installed either on facades or floors and are meant for use during exhibitions, various events, and advertising campaigns.

A typical height of a flag mast is 8 meters. Regardless of its configuration, a flagpole with a flying flag will serve as a wonderful decoration of any building or territory and make it modern and stylish.

Flagpole characteristics

The construction of street flagpoles is rather complex. The mechanism that holds the flag consists of special elements that provide simple mounting and operations of the structure and make the whole process much more convenient.

These days, street flagpoles made from steel seem to be the most popular among our clients. This material is widely used in the industry as it has impressive technical characteristics. 

  • Durability – the flagpole can withstand strong gusts of wind.
  • Resistance to corrosion and rust. Outside flagposts can be used in humid environments, close to bodies of water, and under unfavorable weather conditions.
  • The poles do not lose color and require no repainting, which makes them very cost-efficient.
  • Our flagposts are very lightweight.

The flagpoles by Metalogalva have a fresh and modern look, which makes them a great choice for a wide range of enterprises. These sometimes use flags as their distinctive feature, and an appealing exterior is important. The poles have a tapered shape; the standard color is white.

You can order a custom design or standard outside flagpole on the Metalogalva website. We offer a wide range of services for manufacturing, maintenance, and assembly of these products. Should it be necessary, you can also order spare parts for the masts or details for support poles. In addition, our company specializes in the production of lighting poles and towers.

The custom orders placed with our company are executed in the shortest terms possible. The whole range of our products is sold at highly competitive prices; we also provide delivery to any region of the country.