Lighting Poles

Lighting poles

These days there is no need to waste a lot of time and money to find high-quality lighting poles. Production company Metalogalva offers you a wide range of such products intended for various purposes. Our catalog boasts different models of faceted and round lighting posts for street lights, spotlights, traffic lights, and other electrical devices that are so essential for comfortable living, efficient traffic, and industrial facilities.

Lighting Poles by Metalogalva

Road lighting poles are not the only thing we manufacture. Metalogalva plant produces other in-demand types of products: 

  • Octagonal street posts that can be used in many spheres;
  • Round electrical posts with a very attractive exterior;
  • Lighting masts for lighting at production sites and transport infrastructure objects. These, as a rule, are equipped with spotlights of various models;
  • Traffic light poles. These posts are manufactured in compliance with global standards and have brackets to install the necessary equipment.

If you weren’t able to find what you need in our catalog, e.g. a custom power line post, Metalogalva, within the shortest term, can manufacture a galvanized steel pole by an individual project.

Lighting pole production

Maintenance and operation of round and faceted lighting posts have a number of peculiarities. The constructions, which are often installed outdoors, are constantly affected by various negative factors that have to be taken into account during the design and manufacturing processes. Wind load, humidity, as well as the weight of the installed equipment are some of the major reasons that can influence the smooth operation of a pole. The technology we employ to manufacture our products makes them reliable and long-lasting. Among many positive features of Metalogalva produce, we would like to emphasize the following:

  • The posts are welded of high-quality steel sheets using continuous longitudinal welding;
  • The surface of the posts is galvanized;
  • The construction is anchored to a reinforced concrete block.

These features help our lighting poles withstand strong winds, static and dynamic loads, high humidity, and extreme temperature fluctuations. Our products are meant to last for a long time and do not require any specific care or maintenance.

Why choose Metalogalva lighting poles?

Street lighting posts by our company are very popular in Ukraine and have always been in great demand. This is due to, first of all, the high quality of our products that complies with the strictest European regulations. The company’s plant has implemented a multi-stage quality control procedure executed by a specifically assigned professional team on all production stages from the receipt of materials to the transportation of the finished products to warehouses.

Our plant uses the most advanced equipment with a high level of automation which helps to eliminate the human factor and guarantees the best result possible. Certified materials and components for Metalogalva poles are provided only by the most trusted suppliers. All the products made at our facilities are provided with a manufacturer’s warranty.


A lighting pole is a specifically designed construction aimed to carry outside street lighting equipment with underground or aerial cable grooming. These include traffic light posts, lightning conductors, and spotlight masts.

External lighting poles are constantly exposed to stress due to their location. Apart from the weight of the construction itself, the post is affected by wind and other natural phenomena, which is why such products must possess a high safety margin to avoid emergencies. Among many advantages, it is worth mentioning the following:

  • Durability. The posts are made from bent steel sheets with the help of continuous automatic welding and can withstand wind and other loads without being damaged;
  • Long service life. Galvanized steel is resistant to corrosion and rust and is not easily affected by external factors. A galvanized steel post can bear extreme heat and frosts as well as temperature fluctuations.
  • Stability. Posts are mounted on anchor foundation units which guarantee their stability even under stormy winds.

You are welcome to order high-quality galvanized street lighting poles from the Ukrainian company Metalogalva. We offer quality products at reasonable prices. Just contact our commercial department managers and find out all the details.

Types of Poles

Poles for street lighting are installed along highways, city streets, and sidewalks, in parks, city gardens, squares, and stadiums. The poles are manufactured from durable S235 steel (PE-EN 100025: 1990) that is capable of bearing a load of 245 MPa (25 kgf/mm2). Then, they go through hot dip galvanizing which allows the posts to be in operation for up to 50 years. To guarantee its stability, metal galvanized poles are mounted on flanges of the foundation insert plates. The poles are made from solid steel sheets 3-12 meters in size. Lighting poles higher than 12 meters are assembled from two elements that are connected telescopically, i.e. the top segment is mounted on the bottom one. The light source (lamps, spotlights, etc) is installed on single or double carriers, post caps, or top beams of support posts.

Metalogalva manufactures the following types of lighting beams:

  • Octagonal lighting posts. The stiffness angles of these faceted posts make them highly durable and strong. They are the best choice for highways since they are capable of withstanding a collision with vehicles without damaging them or drivers too much. 
  • Round lighting posts. The stylish exterior of these posts makes them a great choice for urban environments and localization along city roads, sidewalks, and within housing estates or gated residence areas, parks, gardens, and other sites; 
  • Lighting masts. Spotlight steel masts are meant for installation at strategically important sites, which is why they must comply with the strictest safety regulations. The masts have an additional safety margin due to the construction features which depend on the project specifications and expected load (necessary height, number of lighting frames, etc); the wind load is also taken into account;
  • Traffic light poles. Traffic lights are usually installed on the round or polygonal conic posts which are equipped with service hatches that grant access to cables and internal systems of the device; the top part has a console for the lights. Metalogalva also produces traffic light posts with arm beams of necessary height above the roadway that do not interfere with the traffic. 

Due to precise load calculations executed by the construction department of the Metalogalva company, our products stay in service for decades without the need for replacement. This way, our steel poles, and masts become an integral part of the city environment. 

Where to order high-quality lighting poles

To order modern lighting poles from the manufacturer, contact the Metalogalva company in Ukraine. We collected the experience of our colleagues from all over the world and applied it to our full-cycle production, which allowed us to expand our product range and complement it with faceted and round posts, spotlight masts, flag posts, lightning conductors, and traffic light posts. We execute our orders promptly and at reasonable prices. Delivery available.

To purchase the posts, contact our commercial department by the phone numbers provided here or fill in the application form on our website.

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