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Galvanized poles by Metalogalva

If you are looking for high-quality budget galvanized posts, the products by the European company Metalogalva are the best solution.

Our range consists of quality products made from the best material according to all the European regulations. We use steel both from Ukraine and abroad, apply high-precision welding technology, and reinforce the finished posts with hot dip galvanizing using advanced methods and certified materials.

Before being shipped to customers, each pole and mast undergoes standard compliance testing and is checked to be compliant with the size and welding quality regulations. Every lighting pole manufactured at our plant is provided with an official warranty from the manufacturer and is eligible for service maintenance on the territory of Ukraine.

Advantages of galvanized poles

In contrast to reinforced concrete structures, which are also often used for the same purposes as our products, galvanized metal poles are easy to manufacture and maintain and much cheaper in terms of transportation.

Some of the important features of these products are:

  • impressive exterior;
  • a large range of models and modifications;
  • fast production;
  • simple installation;
  • durability and long service life.

Due to the relatively light weight of the used materials, we can produce galvanized posts of different sizes and diameters and complex designs. The on-site assembly and installation process is fast and simple in comparison to massive bulky reinforced concrete structures.

How to order Metalogalva products?

To order galvanized lighting poles, flag posts, masts, or other products from our range, you only need to contact one of our managers.

Please see the company’s catalog and choose one of the many models on offer. You will find options of any type and for any purpose imaginable. With us, you can realize your most daring projects.

If you need to have a construction made either according to your design or have it designed by our engineering team, you are also welcome to enjoy our services!

Among other advantages of our company, it is worth mentioning that you will receive your order within the shortest terms possible and for a very reasonable price. Our products have been installed on many sites across Ukraine and Europe and got rave reviews. 

Our company is a team of professionals who know their business to a T and treat every aspect of it as responsibly as possible. When you order with us, you are guaranteed to get hold of a reliable long-lasting product of European quality and for a Ukrainian price.