Lightning Dischargers

Lightning rod support poles

Lightning rod supports are the main part of the construction, the assembly of which is important for a reliable binding of all elements. Lightning rods can be installed either as independent constructions or as constituent parts of lighting posts. Their main function is to receive lightning strokes and not allow the electric charge to hit the building they are installed on. A lightning discharge is a metal rod mounted on a support (mast). The height of the construction may vary depending on the device type and the number of sections; on average, they are from 10 to 40 meters high.

The Metalogalva lightning rods – specifics

Despite the rapid technological progress we have been witnessing for a long time already, we are still very vulnerable in the face of natural powers. Lightning is still a great danger to human life and buildings, which is why no industrial or residential structure can function without a proper lightning discharge.

These days, stand-alone lightning rods placed at a certain distance from the premises are considered the most reliable. This construction will eliminate the damage that may be caused to the building by a high-voltage lightning stroke.


The construction is assembled at the installation point. The rod support can consist of several sections that are attached by tie rods. The lightning discharge is mounted on the top sections with the help of bolts and a special binding mechanism. The foundation is the most important element that keeps the whole structure together. The most popular type of insert metal element is the anchor base plate. The load-bearing part is placed on an anchor and bolted to the top part. Such anchored base plates are additionally encased in concrete to ensure the reliability of the construction. 

For each installation type, it is also necessary to dig a construction trench that is going to be filled with concrete and thus carry the structure.

Lightning rod post: anti-corrosion protection 

All Metalogalva constructions undergo compulsory hot dip galvanizing in order to prevent corrosion and rust. This means that the products are immersed in a tank with hot zinc alloy, which provides the necessary protection. This method is considered the most reliable and long-lasting.

If you have any further questions or if there are any issues with the construction choice, please, feel free to contact Metalogalva managers.