Traffic Lights and Street Sign Posts

Traffic light posts

Traffic light posts are constructions that are used to install signaling equipment in streets and highways. These durable and long-lasting poles ensure the reliable installation of signaling lights that facilitate traffic for vehicles and pedestrians. They are an extremely important part of traffic regulations, which is why they must be manufactured from high-quality materials.

These days, metal posts are preferred to concrete supports. The metal post is the main bearing component of the structure; it provides stability and safety. Such posts are not susceptible to extreme outside factors such as extreme temperatures, high humidity, etc. 

There are several types of these posts:

Traffic lights posts. 

These are used for the direct installation of traffic lights.

L-shaped traffic lights posts. 

In this case, traffic lights are installed on an overhead arm that places the fixture over the road and can reach up to 6 meters. Additionally, they allow installing video surveillance cameras, street signs, or display boards. Such posts are made from sheet steel; they can be tapered or octagonal.

Shaped traffic light posts.

To manufacture these posts, we take into account the intended location of the product as the soil type, wind strength, and climate influence the choice of steel brand greatly.

The post can be tapered or faceted.

All electrical wiring for power supply, signaling, and other purposes is installed underground.

To ensure an attractive exterior and long service life, posts undergo hot dip galvanizing. This method provides anti-corrosion protection for up to 25-30 years and is compliant with European standards. 


On our website, you can also order all the necessary components for the posts and purchase a full set to be installed later.